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CALL FOR PRICE QUOTE: 801-430-8669

With over 60 years carpentry and high-end finish work experience we take great pride in our custom saunas.

Our custom saunas are double insulated to ensure the fastest heat up times on the market, (15-20 minutes) and to save money on electricity. 

We offer custom Traditional, Infrared, and Hybrid units. (Hybrid is traditional and infrared heating elements combined so you can use either)

We can build your custom unit as an indoor or outdoor unit. Our outdoor units are made to endure ALL weather conditions.

Heaters come in 110V and 220V options dependant on size of unit. 

All benches are removable. 

We make our custom units as kits so you can move them if necessary to a new house, or a different room. 



We are dedicated to create the sauna you want and need in your custom space.

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